At Questpay, Inc. d/b/a V2 Technologies, Inc., our core focus is Enterprise Content and Knowledge Management. We work with software developers and programmers, majority of them from a part of our strategic association partner. Questpay, Inc. d/b/a V2 Technologies, Inc. provides exceptional services and solutions for its valued clients in the areas of C/C++,.NET, Java, Microsoft Technologies, Oracle, Oracle and Web Development. Our Knowledge, experience, and mastery encompasses services include all SDLC phases covering most of the Industrial domains in Fortune 500 companies


Our core Expertise & Services includes


  • Documentum Installation / Upgrade
  • Implementation & Configuration of Documentum
  • Customization & Development on Documentum
  • Documentum Integration with Legacy Systems
  • Custom Application Integration with Documentum
  • Business Process Management
  • Scanning & Imaging Solutions
  • Content Migration


  • Product Development
  • Consulting Services
  • Software Development
  • Training

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V2 Mart

Product: V2-Mart


Objective: Explore huge potential reserves by developing a product which aims at providing online shoppers with all the information such as best deals, price history, honest user reviews, and social network recommendations under one roof

Why V2-Mart?
e Commerce has been a trending industry for more than a decade. In this time span we have numerous portals that have generated billion by selling products online. However for a consumer there is still a huge void space to get all the required information under one roof.

Consumers have to spend hours to bag the best deal and have to navigate numerous sites to get recommendations, trends, ratings, customer satisfaction report, reviews etc. Product V2-Mart aims at filling this void by enabling online consumers to get all the required information under one roof. V2-Mart will not only benefit online buyers but also benefit online sellers and smaller merchants who have little means to maintain a strong online presence. It will have a very simplistic design i.e. user interface so that even a computer rookie can use our product with little to no guidance.

Online shopper would be enabled with below features which would reduce their stress and save time while shopping online. It will focus on a smooth online shopping experience.

  • Research products from various websites on a single click
  • Bag the best deals (Parameters being cost and time)
  • Offer suggestion on similar products
  • Get consumer reviews and suggestions from other consumers
  • Refer a product to a friend who may be interested
  • Save product for future reference and buy
  • Buy a product from a centralized place
  • Browser plugin will be provided to online customer to improve the online buying experience

V2 Mart

For small business, this product will help to make their online presence very formidable by offering following features.

  • Ability to deploy the product to a sub domain
  • Product look and feel shall be customizable to meet business needs example logo, theme, workflows, page style, currency, language etc
  • Ability to manage their inventory with reporting and warning feature
  • Generate easy to configure reports by non IT staff
  • Product will be scalable from few hundred of products to millions of products hence allowing business to focus entirely on their business and not online product development
  • Reduce the cost of their products since there will be more traffic to their products and less IT cost which can translate to lower inventory cost



services_1_03.jpgMaintenance & Support Services
Assessment & Planning Solution
Project Management
Architecture & Implementation
Data & System Integration
Content Migration
System Upgrade
Documentum training (Business Users & Developers)

Our dedicated service brings the necessary experience and dexterity to enable the success of each individual solution that is provided. Our services are created to assist our clients in utilization of all available Internet services and technology.




We work with software developers and programmers, some ours but a majority of them from a part of our strategic association partner. We currently have an alliance with major software companies and Educational Institutions to develop and maintain their software

In a market, where speed and flexibility have been accorded high priority, our project services division is resourceful in timely and cost effective completion of all projects by functioning as an extension of your IT department and at the same time ensure that the highest quality standards are being met.

Questpay, Inc. d/b/a V2 Technologies, Inc. will assume responsibility of the entire project off site and provide quality solutions within the stipulated budget and the assigned time frame. Clients can perform efficiently with their resources and utilize our services for plug-in results.



services_3_03.jpg We provide extensive training in ECM-Enterprise Content Management, Data warehousing Oracle Applications, ERP,.NET, Unix-networking, Java and all other related fields in- house and also impart training in the client